Soliel with spacious classic décor brings elegance to your diving holidays, soaking in the sun as you pass different hues of blues. Soliel can make all your diving dreams come true. Soliel is proud o be the only diving safari specialized in exploring the untouched dive spot of Maldives with all the diving amenities available. All the International dive instructors on board would guide you through one of the ‘Wonders of the World’ as said by Ibunu Batuta in his Chronicles.


Standard Cabin

  • Total Capacity: 18
  • People per room: 18
  • Beds: 14 Standard
  • Size: 20
  • Shareable: Yes
  • Description: 9 twin rooms (all rooms have air conditioner, shower and toilet)

What is included

Dresser, locker for clothes, power plug (220V), 2 bath towels (no hair dryer or amenity goods), life jacket

Sundeck, restaurant / lounge, TV monitor (HDMI connection possible), DVD player, camera equipment storage space (with multi-plug), telephone radio and GPS

Equipped with a compressor
Nitrox Air can be used (advance application required. SP training is also held)
First aid kit, AED, medical oxygen, GPS are always available
14L aluminum tank, 15L steel tank can be used (advance application required)

Quick facts

Soleil Schedule



4.9 based on 8 reviews

8 Reviews

  1. Waves, weather, fishing, all the best trips!
    Arigato soleil crew !!

  2. This trip was my first Maldives. Maldives have many islands and I think it is difficult to know everything. But there are encouraging staff! I am off to a surf trip. The staff members who knew the sea of ​​the Maldives did their best and surfed with the best surf points everyday! Even with a short trip, I enjoyed Maldives the best! Arigato Shahid & Soleil !!!

  3. 最高の天気で いい波でした。貸切最高!
    ガーフダルカンショウ Good
    soleil も最高

  4. 凄い、とにかく綺麗な環境で波乗りできて、クルーの人達も気さくで、素敵!

  5. 初めてのモルディブの南
    サイズは4〜6 fフィッシング

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