Blue K Safari Maldives receives ‘Excellence in Hospitality (Liveaboards) 2019’

The awards of the most coveted business event of the year – Maldives Business Awards 2019 – was handed out on Saturday evening.

During the Gala of the event, at The Marina at CROSSROADS Maldives, winners of the contending categories took home their awards.

Here are the winners of MBA 2019!


Industry Excellence Awards Winners

  • Excellence in Finance (Banking & Finance) – Commercial Bank of Maldives Pvt Ltd
  • Excellence in Finance (Insurance) – Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives
  • Excellence in Hospitality (Resorts) – Kurumba Maldives
  • Excellence in Hospitality (Hotels & Guest Houses) – Maagiri Hotel
  • Excellence in Hospitality (Tour Operators) – Inner Maldives
  • Excellence in Hospitality (Liveaboards) – Soleil 2
  • Excellence in Food & Restaurants – Family Room Cafe
  • Excellence in Utility – FENAKA Corporation Limited
  • Excellence in Construction & Real Estate – SASe Construction Pvt Ltd
  • Excellence in Wholesale & Retail – The Hawks Pvt Ltd
  • Excellence in Information & Communication – Ooredoo Maldives
  • Excellence in Transport & Logistics – Total Transport Solutions Maldives Pvt Ltd
  • Excellence in Healthcare (Health & Fitness) – The Hammer
  • Excellence in Healthcare (Medicals & Support Services) – Waldives Pvt Ltd
  • Excellence in Professional Services – Avia Maldives

Enterprise Excellence Awards Winners

  • Public Enterprise of the Year – State Electric Company Limited (STELCO)
  • Innovative Business of the Year – Keiretsu Pvt Ltd
  • FDI of the Year –  Ooredoo Maldives
  • MSME of the Year – Coffee Lab Roasters
  • Startup of the Year – Payer Pvt Ltd

Individual Excellence Awards Winners

  • Young Entrepreneur of the Year – Ms Raya Mansoor & Ms Raniya Mansoor
  • Business Woman of the Year – Ms Raaidha Shafeeq
  • Inspirational Leader of the Year – Mr Abdulla Musthaq Rashad
  • Entrepreneur of the Year – Ismail Hameed

People’ Choice Awards Winners

  • Best Marketing Campaign of the Year – “Mashah Ingijje” by Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives (in partnership with Maldives Police Service)
  • Best CSR Program of the Year – Smart Cities Project by Ooredoo Maldives (in partnership with UNDP)

Judges’ Choice Award Winner

  • Judges’ Recognition for Exceptional Initiative – Moodhu Bulhaa

Business of the Year Award

  • Business of the Year – Ooredoo Maldives


The second edition of Maldives Business Awards saw two new awards presented under a brand new category; the Peoples’ Choice Awards.

Under the category, awards were presented for ‘Best Marketing Campaign of the Year’ and ‘Best CSR Program of the Year.’

In addition to this, the experts of the judging panel of the event handed out a special recognition award for Moodhu Bulhaa for their exceptional business initiative.

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