The Brilliantly Colorful coral reefs, making the Maldivian seascapes amongst the most enchanting in the world,
is a nature’s best kept secret, providing opportunities to experience the unique and beautiful underwater scenery
which is realm of a great variety of fish, corals and other marine denizens.

The several years, of experience of the diving centers on resorts and experience dive team on liveaboards, has
guaranteed high standards in the selection of resort islands and liveaboards as well as the quality of equipment’s
used and the expertise of the diving staff.

Couple of diving programs are on the offer. Guided dives under the supervision of the diving instructors are

novices and those who still haven’t gained the necessary confidence.

Dive with Blue K Safari’s Endless Variety of Dive Routes and Itineraries

– Ari Vaavu Classic Route
– Hanifaru Bay Dive Trip
– South Central Dive Trip
– Deep South Dive Trip
– North Central Dive  Trip

And many more…