From $018 slots available
$0Per Person
18 slots available

Standard Cabin

  • Total Capacity: 18
  • People per room: 18
  • Beds: 14 Standard
  • Size: 20
  • Shareable: Yes
  • Description: 9 twin rooms (all rooms have air conditioner, shower and toilet)

What is included

Dresser, locker for clothes, power plug (220V), 2 bath towels (no hair dryer or amenity goods), life jacket

Sundeck, restaurant / lounge, TV monitor (HDMI connection possible), DVD player, camera equipment storage space (with multi-plug), telephone radio and GPS

Equipped with a compressor
Nitrox Air can be used (advance application required. SP training is also held)
First aid kit, AED, medical oxygen, GPS are always available
14L aluminum tank, 15L steel tank can be used (advance application required)



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